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Investment offer

Huge social and economic potential of Klaj commune and also perspective of dynamic and sustainable growing potential, is a chance for people who will flourish his business there. We offer ours help in investment process for companies with one is interested in location company capital and invest on ours commune territory. 

Zbigniew Strączek
Administrative officer of the commune

Location of commune

Klaj commune is located 30 kilometers near the Krakow within the borders of a Malopolska vivo ship. Klaj possess access to strategically communication route per nationwide and international. 

Good location in neighborhood:

  • natural road number 75 Krakow – Nowa Huta – Przemysl, 
  • road E40 connecting East and West of European continent 
  • near the road junction of highway A4 from Krakow 

make Klaj commune very attractive place to locate business. 

The advantage of Klaj commune is located close to railway line  Krakow – Medyka and Balice Airport  situated 25 minute from here by car.  The communes in neighborhood  are: Niepolomice, Bochnia, Drwinia and Gdow. 

Perfect place to invest

Total area of Economic Zone takes 0,44 hectare. This place is designed and lend for production and service industries. Economic Zone is located in central part of commune in Targowisko – 25 kilometers from Krakow. The location of industrial area nearby  communication path like road number 75 Krakow – Nowa Huta – Przemysl is a guarantees of perfect connection with many Polish and likewise European cities. 

Additional, following A4 from Krakow, first exit is a ramp toward Targowisko in direct neighborhood of Economic Zone. In 2 kilometers distance, there is also a railway line relation Krakow – Medyka, where is a chance to use freight railway station. Terrain is partially equipped with low–voltage line and medium-voltage line, gas and telecommunication lines. In the neighborhood there is also high voltage-line 110 kV, based on that, there is a chance to build main voltage station according to the requirements for future investors. Water supply and sewage system make place attractive for locate there capital. 

Part of the Economic Zone belong to treasury, part is in rule Agriculture Market Agency in Opole, Department of Experimental Plant Breeding and Acclimatization and there is also a part with one belongs to private owners.

Areas of production and service "Targowisko-5"

Production and Commercial Areas „Targowisko-1,2” 

Production and Commercial Areas „Targowisko-3” 

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